Kyäni Nitro FX™

Kyäni NitroFX™ is a proprietary blend of noni concentrate that has been proven to increase the production of Nitric Oxide (NO). Also known as “The Molecule of Life,” Nitric Oxide repairs, defends, and maintains every cell of the body. Studied extensively by researchers and physicians, Nitric Oxide has been touted as a powerful, health-promoting molecule by tens of thousands of scientific papers.

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9 Reasons to Take Kyäni Nitro FX™

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“Nitric Oxide has been extensively proven in thousands of studies to aid every system and cell in the body and has shown dramatic results when used by patients suffering from a wide variety of complaints. I have been recommending the proprietary blend of noni extracts to my patients for several years now with wonderful results.” -Dr. Abbas Qutab, MBBS, DC, PhD, OMD.

Nitric Oxide helps maintain, defend, and repair every cell of the body. In fact, Nitric Oxide is one of the most important molecules to human life. In 1992, it was named “The Molecule of the Year” by Science Magazine. In 1998, it brought the Nobel Prize for Medicine to three scientists, Robert Furdhgott, Luis Ignarro, and Ferid Murad, for their discovery of the signaling properties of Nitric Oxide. In his presentation speech, Professor Sten Lindahl of the Nobel Committee stated, “Your discoveries concerning Nitric Oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system…has opened new avenues for patient treatment and diagnoses of various diseases.”

The scientific literature on Nitric Oxide is growing exponentially, and today there are more than 110,000 scientific papers published regarding some aspect of Nitric Oxide and its beneficial role in patient care. But the most important fact of all is that it brings better health to millions around the world.